Important Note in Credit Card Bill Payment

The credit cards are small rectangular cards that are made out of plastic. The credit card is one of the important inclusion that is important in the digitalised world. It is the card that is used to make payment anywhere and everywhere. You can purchase all the items which are sale in this world with the small card. It is a type of loan that you take from the credit card company for a brief period of time. You make the credit card bill payment to repay the company.

It is one of the important things that is necessary for you to remember. The bill contains all the details about the uses and payments made through it. The credit card is one of the powerful tools when it comes to the making payments. It is always handy when you are short of cash and during emergencies. The interest rate is high on the late bill payment while if you purchase the items through credit card and submit the bill on time then no charges are levied on it.

credit cards

So, if you are the responsible buyer then it is one of the best modes of payments. The credit cards can be used to make payments online as well as offline. To continue the benefits of the card and get the best out of it, making the bill payment is the necessary step.

What are included in the Bill?

You should have the knowledge about what is included in the bill of the credit card:

Credit card number : The number of your credit card that is engraved in your card.

Summary of the account : All the purchases made by the card, a summary of it is mentioned with the address of the store or place of purchase, and amount of purchase made.

Payment due: The amount of payment due for the month.

Minimum amount due: Minimum amount payable in order to avoid the blockage or discontinuation of service.

Available credit limit: The credit limit available to the card holder.

Applicable interest rate: The interest rate that will be applicable in the case of late payment or minimal amount due for payment.

Payment due date: The due date up to which you can pay the bill.

How to make bill payments?

The bill can be paid through both online as well as offline method. For the offline method, you can visit the branch of the credit card company and make the payment through cash or cheque.

For the online mode of payment, there are several options like through net banking, debit card, other portals, directly through the credit card portal, mobile applications etc. In the digitalised world there are many options available to us through which we can make the payments at any point in time and from everywhere. You can save your time and energy by paying the bill online. The time to reach the branch can be saved. Also, the money that is required to physically travel to the branch is saved. You can sit in the comfort of your home and make payment. Also, the mobiles have been such powerful tool that if you suddenly have to pay your bill you can do it practically anywhere and everywhere because of it.

ICICI bill payment of credit card-

Through net banking- you have to follow 4 simple steps:

  1. Select your bank.
  2. Provide the details of your credit card.
  3. Confirm payment amount and make payment.
  4. Receive online confirmation of the payment.

Through debit card- It also has 4 steps to complete the bill payment;

  1. Select your card type.
  2. Give all the credit card details
  3. Confirm the amount and it will be debited instantanenously from your account.
  4. Receive the online confirmation.

HDFC bank bill payment of credit card-

  1. Provide the credit card details
  2. confirm payment
  3. get the confirmation

SBI bill repayment- You can pay the bill through NEFT payment, credit card, debit card, electronic payment etc.
Thus, the online payment is the best way to do pay the credit card bills. Since now you have all the information about the credit card bill payment you will be able to pay it easily and quickly. As a cardholder, you should be responsible and smart about the uses of the credit card. It is important to handle it with care and pay the bills regularly to avoid any interest rate that can be levied in the case of late payments. So we can extract the best benefits if we are responsible enough to handle the card and make smart and careful purchases through it.

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