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Fulfill your dreams with Bajaj Finserv Loan

The dreams are never ending wishes that we aspire for and want in our lives. The most satisfying feeling is when you need or has set up a goal and it gets fulfilled. But in today’s world when the lifestyle has changed and expenses are high in the sky, to achieve the life goals have become little difficult. The wishes have either gone for a toss or get delayed. The lack of finances is one of the main reason for it. The Bajaj loans are the solution to all such problems. It will give you the financial strength that is required to fulfill your desires. It makes the problem relatively easy and gives the required answer to your financial predicaments.

The bajaj finserv loan is the Non banking Financial company that provides a wide range of loan products so that you can avail it and make the most out of it to reach your dreams and turn it into reality. given below is the brief description of all the types of loan products it offers to its customer.

personal loan

The types of loan offered-

  • Home loan
  • Personal loan
  • Loan against Property
  • Business loan
  • Gold loan
  • Two and three wheeler loan
  • Consumer loan
  • Loan against Fixed deposit
  • & Much more

Home loan- Bajaj Finserv provides the tailor made home made product which comes up with the overall expenses as they understand the need for the furnishing and fixtures to call the place as your home. you can avail the overall package and don’t need to apply for a different personal or home improvement loan.  You can also switch over your loan through the service of balance transfer if you are not happy with the current lender. If you opt for the balance transfer loan then you can get the top up loan on it as well. You can use that loan amount as per your requirement.You can also refinance the home loan if you have bought the property within 12 months with your own funds. You can avail the loan upto the registered value of the property. They do not charge any foreclosure fee so that you can foreclose your loan anytime during the loan tenure.

It has also introduced the flexi scheme which is first of its kind in the industry. You can pre pay and drawdown the amount within the drop-line facility within the loan tenure. You can save the interest rate by pre- paying the amount as the interest is only levied on the used amount. It is the self- service account which allows you to prepay or drawdown as per your need through the net banking. Also, the add- on feature of availing is that you can have 3 month EMI grace period. It means that you can start paying the monthly installment after 3 months of availing the loan.

Personal Loan- The personal loan product is offered by the Bajaj Finserv to only the people who are the salaried individual. You can use the personal loan for fulfilling your wishes or paying your outstanding bills or for the emergency. You can have any reason reason to avail the personal loan and put your plans into action. You can avail the maximum of 25 lakh loan amount as the personal loan. You can choose the tenure of repayment which ranges from 24 to 60 months. The personal loan can be easily approved within 72 hours. You have the option of quick approval. If you are the existing customer of the company then you can get the pre- approved offers for the personal loan. You also have the benefit of having the online account access which will give you all the details from time to time like the repayment date, EMI amount etc.

Loan against Property- It is the type of loan in which you keep the property as the mortgage with the lender to get the loan against it. The loan against the property is one of the best ways to avail the loan at the cheaper rate. You can avail the loan at less interest rate after the home loan. It is given only to the self- employed people. You can get the loan amount up to 20 crores as the loan against the property.

Business Loan- It is the best way to secure the finances and increase the working capital and expand the business. The business loan is for the people having their own business. You can avail up to 30 lakh loan amount within 2 days. It gives the benefit of quick approval. You do not need any collateral or guarantor for this loan. It also gives the preapproved offers which include the top up loan and reduction in the interest rate from time to time.

Gold Loan- You can avail the loan keeping the gold as the security. You can avail up to 25 lakh loan amount with the loan tenure of 1 month to 36 months. It provides the facility of part prepayment and part release facilities. Also, the foreclosure charges are nil.

Two or three wheeler Loan- The two and three wheeler loan gives you the opportunity to own the bike or three wheeler without much worry about the finances. You can avail these loan in the Bajaj showrooms as well as the other recognised service stations. The foreclosure charges are only 3% and partial foreclosure is also permitted. If you have excellent credit record then you are eligible to get the special scheme.

Loan Against Fixed deposit- This is the type of loan that you can avail against the fixed deposit. You can avail the funds and fulfill your requirements without breaking your FD. The features is that it has the guaranteed approval, single page documentation, and quick loan disbursal.

So, if you are in the urgent need of the fund then you can avail the loan as per your requirement.