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Things You Should Know Before Credit Card Apply

When it comes to credit cards, there is no denying the fact that they have become the most crucial part of our lives. Today, our lives revolve around them as they cater the diverse needs. Right from shopping, dining, fuelling,  travelling, the usage of plastic money has rapidly increased and so is the dependency of people. This is the reason that every day the figures of credit card apply online are increasing thus grabbing the attention of many. Now, when we say applying for the same, there are various ways through which you can do it. Yes, you read that right! Today, applying for your favorite card is undoubtedly the simplest and easiest thing.  

Moreover, you can not only get your favorite card instantly, but it also allows you to get closer to wishes with the same pace as well. Yes, the moment you have your favorite card in hand, you can use it to meet your various needs instantly. So, if you want to apply for the best card, you have multiple options to do the same. To begin with, you can avail the same online as most of the banks these days provide you this facility, wherein you just need to visit their page, choose a card of your choice and click on the apply now button. The moment you do so, you will be redirected towards a page, asking for your personal and professional details such as age, income, residential address, city, etc. Once you are done filling these details, the bank will further pass on your details and if everything works in your favour, you will be contacted soon by the bank.

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Another reliable option available for you is the option of buying the same at the branch itself. You just need to visit the bank for which you want to avail the card. You just need to fill the form by giving all the required details and then submit the same at the branch itself. If your eligibility matches with the bank’s eligibility, your application for the same will proceed further. But, one thing that needs to be mentioned here is the fact that the entire process is a bit time-taking as it usually takes 8-10 working days to get the approval for the same. Yes, because the verification process    is a time- consuming process, wherein the banks check your CIBIL, verify the details you submitted, and once they are satisfied then only they give approval to your application.

So, now that you know how to apply for your favorite card, it is also important for you to keep in mind the points that are crucial while choosing the one. Yes, that’s absolutely right! Never ever go on the glitz and glamour of a card i.e. never go on the looks and appeal, instead try to find out what all features, privileges and perks it offers. Also, keep in mind , it’s joining, annual/renewal fee, interest rates, late payment charges and other related charges. Most of the times, people while availing a card don’t pay attention towards these parameters as for them what all matter is actually few lucrative offers, look and appeal that’s it. They don’t dig inside to know the real game changers as they can turn your credit card experience from good to bad. Usually, the interest rates charged by most of the banks on various purchases ranges between 2%-3% per month, which means if you fail to clear your debt before the interest- free period (48-51 days), you will end up paying the annual interest of 24%-36%, mind it guys it is the annual interest calculation.

We don’t even realize this fact that the annual calculation of a credit card can actually be so high that it can take a toll on your pocket. This is the reason that people easily fall into the debt consolidation trap and before they know the actual cause of the same, it’s too late for them. So, before you opt for the credit card apply, do remember that it comes with a plethora of important pointers that you should always keep in mind in order to stay away from the future hassles.